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An Avathar(Incarnation) is:

Avatar is one who has incarnated directly from God (MahaShakthi) for fulfilling an objective.
Avatar is of three types.
Karma Avatar
Dharma Avatar
Nisaptha(Tranquil) Avatar

Generally, an Avatar would be having one of the purposes mentioned above. Sometimes if they encompass all the three goals, then they become a MahaAvatar.

Avatar itself is generally rare in spirituality. And MahaAvatar is exceptionally rare among the rarest.

Whenever injustice rears its head, they protect and flourish Dharma(justice), clears people's confusion.

A marvel where God themself appears as God's representative. 

God's presenter. 
Lighthouse taking one ashore. 
Oracle to all problems in life.
One who can experience life completely. 
One qualified to experience life. 
One who can identify wisdom and ignorance. 
( e.g., Sri Chandrasekarendra Swami, Ramana, OSHO)



A MahaaAvatar is:

MahaAvatar has come to rebuild and update the human world. That only is their goal. One with three objectives is a MahaAvatar.

A Maha Avatar is a combination of a Karma Avatar, Dharma Avatar, and Nisaptha Avatar.

Karma Avatar:  One who takes the Karmas of the people who seek them, giving them protection, and saving them. 


Dharma Avatar: By delivering sermons, establish Dharma(justice). To build trust among people that if one does good deeds, then good things will happen.


Nisaptha(Tranquil) Avatar: To keep the world in a balance(51:49), By their inner state protect and save the world from cataclysm.  God themselves takes a human form and comes, source of love, wisdom's womb.
(e.g., Sri Krishna, Sri Ramakrishna)

Now, we would have understood the difference and the significance of Avatar and Maha Avatar. 

Maha Avatar Shreesathyam is our Contemporary spiritual treasure. 

We should Safeguard him and Utilise him...

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