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I am waiting...

Every time when I take an incarnation….

For those dear co-workers who join me in wordly service……

You would know many of them……!

Among them, many are formless and many are with forms…..

Some are living as one amongst you!

I welcome those who awaken and join at different stages…

I await those who are yet to come……..!!

"The sun does not need to prove itself to the rest of the living beings. All living organisms need the sun and they need to sense and be aware of its existence. That is essential for them and it is their responsibility. Similarly, a saint need not prove to anyone that he is a saint. There is no need for that. Because the sun and a saint are complete. They are immersed in their uniqueness. Their job is not to make others understand them.

Does a rose plant adopt any tricks to make itself attractive to people.?? Does it adopt a strategy to make itself understood by others? It is immersed in its uniqueness and meditative state. A saint is also like a rose plant or a sun.”

All Time Truth

This website has been created as an introduction to a living incarnation who is spreading His message and creating changes among us and the rest of this world. All this without us even realising it.!! As he himself has declared, a saint need not prove himself to the world... it is up to all of us to understand and realise Him. We earnestly hope that this website opens a window of opportunity to each visitor, to know about Avatar ShreeSathyam. More than that, we hope you are able to realise Him in your lives, wherever you are…..

Avatar Shree Sathyam is our contemporary spiritual treasure…..Let us safeguard and utilise Him.


Avatar ShreeSathyam hasn’t come to build temples or to give predictions; ShreeSathyam is neither a swami nor a sanyasi. He is a divine incarnation who has come to reinstate and to restore world freedom. He is a key for human (liberty)freedom. He has taken this incarnation to integrate this world as “We are one family and we are one world”. He is completely a free person.

Avatar ShreeSathyam took incarnation in Kerala and was brought up by a Mahaan named ShreeMahadev. In his childhood, he used to take the karmas of many people and did wonders in the lives of many others. Those who witnessed these realised belatedly that he is an incarnation of Prapanja Mahashakthi.

His own life was made an experiment in order to achieve the purpose of his incarnation and to give enlightenment to the people; he made his own life an experiment in order to understand the ways of people. And for 15 years he did not reveal himself and lived as one amongst the people. He used many strategies to mingle with the common people and to relate to them.

He did many jobs which brought him in touch with people and at the same time went about raising many types of spiritual questions…creating awareness. He distributed prizes to those who answered these questions (many people are aware that Avatar still has this habit). The manner in which he avoids publicity and praise is like a wonderful poem by itself.

Having started his spiritual journey from Kerala at the age of 12, Avatar has traversed by foot all across India up to the Himalayas. During that period, he visited Ashrams, Mutts and temples across India, interacting with the saints and the wise people there. Without revealing himself, he interacted through questions.

He set up Ashrams in Chennai and Bangalore and did service for the people. Later he established an Ashram in Yelagiri hills. He has wonderfully re-created many people’s lives. He has conducted meditation camps. It is important to realise that he has been doing all this work without any advertisement and publicity.


At the same time, he tolerated and borne the agony and treachery caused by some merciless men. He has taken this incarnation to identify in the religious world priests, devotees, saints, gurus, incarnations as well as the false people; to remove the various sorrows and problems; to explain dharma ( Justness) and to install dharma in this human world.

He is spreading his messages across the world in the form of spiritual energy waves. This is a very ancient divine method. Many people have been shocked to have felt or heard or read in different corners of the world the same messages he had spoken about verbally. Avatar says “ What I am doing is an evolution of mankind through a spiritual revolution. Many of you will not understand what I am doing or saying right now. When the time comes for you to understand, you will feel incomparable joy and ecstasy.

In short, without anyone realising, this spiritual energy waves are passing through each one of us in this society. In the form of new thoughts, ideas, stories, prayers, speeches or news, you cannot avoid Avatar's contribution in your life just like the sun. Refer to his books, courses or satsangs you will be shocked and surprised…. compare it to what you have heard will become ecstatic.


"Please do not come to me for mere satisfaction!. I always welcome those who come to me with a thirst to attain the real Truth ( Sathyam). Because satisfaction can be achieved through external worldly attractions. It is temporary.


Truth is attained through the light of the inner world. It is permanent. Satisfaction is an image of your own expectations which you have created yourself. Truth is beyond time and cannot be created by anybody. It is an image of your inner state.


Those who search for the Truth attain immense joy and Moksha. They are blessed!! The ones who are in search of satisfaction get cheated by the falsehoods and attractions. And they lose hope...they are the unfortunates...Those who search for the Truth, attain immense joy and Moksha.


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