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Our GuruShakthi

Shree Sathya Bhagawan

is the symbol of all the Gurus in the world.


Gurus, Gyanis, Avatar

will appear in different eras with

different names.

  • Their purpose is Same

  • Their actions are Same

  • Their source is also Same

Even though our GuruShakthi Shree Sathya Bhagawan has taken this incarnation among humans, as human, for humanity and also taken the human form, GuruShakthi is an Incarnation of God.

To groom humans and take them to the next higher stage in life,  is a complete Avatar of God who has come from that world to our world.


One Guru for millions of people.

A SUN for Friday, another one for Tuesday, a different one for Thursday is not how the SUN rises.  It is the same SUN for all the days.  The days are different …. The SUN is one. Likewise all the GURUs are same..same purpose, same action, same source. Only the names are different.

According to the situations and the needs of different places they incarnate in different names.

They have no caste... no religion… no differences…

In this our ignorance should be removed…our devotion should increase...

Our Bhagawan is not a Saint or Ascetic…has not come to build a Temple or to give predictions...


There is no need to meet our Bhagawan in private… We don't even need to tell our problems…

Because our Bhagawan directly reads the devotees minds and solves their problems then and there.

Through their Spiritual waves, our Bhagawan will visit our homes and workplace in an indiscernible form. There are many who have witnessed them. There are few who could not feel due to lack of devotion.

Our Bhagwan will fulfil what we wish and also what we didn't wish. Even the ones we forget to wish being fulfilled. Because their divine strength is like that. Our Divine-Sire is full of love and compassion on us.

God showers us with boons. Blessings can only be given by a Guru

Even if we receive a single blessing from our Bhagawan, it will free us from our curses.

// Sathyam Gurudev Sharanam 
Sharanam Gurudev Sathyam 
Sathyam Gurudev Sangamam //

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