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Sri Sri Paripoorna Prapanja Mahashakthi Moksha Vilas
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The 12 Key Specialties of Moksha Vilas - The Divine Shrine of True Way Followers



1. The sense of the universe is the sense of God..!

This is a place to experience and sense the universal sea of vibrations. The overall world’s universal centre of life. Here, one must just think of what they want, and it will come true for them. Here, you do not have to believe the god fully. One must sense it. One will sense it.

This is not a temple. With or without a form or shape, being a proof for everything, this is the gateway to attain the complete God.

2. Three Energies..! Infinite Energy..!!

The universe’s three very important and primary parts are Brahma Shakthi (Energy), Vishnu Shakthi (Energy), Shiva Shakthi (Energy). These three energies combined is the Infinite Shakthi/ the biggest energy spot.

3. 1 Darshan 1000 benefits

The one who worships Sri Sri Mahashakthi (the universal energy), becomes the one to have worshipped all the different types of cosmic energies and gods. This person reaps all this benefits at one place altogether.

4. The Gateway of Universal Ruler

Sri Sri Mahashakthi Moksha Vilas is the place of the Gods known to mankind, the primitive God, the creator of the world, the owner and ruler of the world. 

5. Sathya Wellness Deed (Kriya)

All around the year, this Deed(Kriya) is performed every day without fail for the wellness of all life forms and humans.

The special deeds performed in Moksha Vilas every day: To protect all the people and life on this world from threats and dreadful diseases, Sathya Wellness Deed is performed.

6. Sathya Birth Deed (Kriya)

This deed is performed here daily without missing a single day for every child on this world.

This deed is performed daily to welcome every child that is born each day on this world, and for them to lead a safe life.

7. Deed for Life’s Attainment of Moksha

Moksha Deepam is being lit here for every human being everyday.

For every soul lost to  death and stuck in the Karma cycle, Deed  for Life’s Attainment of Moksha is being performed here everyday, to guide the Soul reach Moksha. Moksha Deepam is being lit here for this purpose.

8. Deed for Long & Healthy Life

Each of your birthday throughout your lifetime is being blessed here..

The Deed for Long & Healthy Life is being performed here for every human being who celebrates their birthday everyday around the world.

9. Deed for Married Women

Each of your wedding anniversary throughout your lifetime is being blessed here..

The Deed for Married Women is being performed here to bless every married woman around the world.


10. Universal Deed of Life

For you to be energetic and motivated in your daily life, here deed is performed on your behalf every day without fail..

Every day, to give each human life energy and motivation needed to attain and to help them attain their birth’s purpose, Universal Deed of Life is being performed.

11. Money as Kuber’s Blessing

Almighty’s one ration makes a Devotee become a Kuber – here this blessing is given to each and every devotee.

12. Morality|Wealth|Happiness|Home

In this human life, without getting lost or losing track by living with a wavering mind, this is a Moksha Vilas that guides the Soul to attain its purpose.

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