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The origin and sanctuary of everything.

  • The limitless Sri Mahashakthi at Yelagiri Hills Sri Sathya Ashram encompasses all energies and all the Gods in the entire world.


  • Anyone who keeps worshipping Sri MahaShakthi at Sri Sathya Ashram is free from any divine sins because worship of a particular deity would incur the Sins of not worshipping other Deities.


  • At the same time, one may not have the resources or time to worship all the deities and that's why we worship Sri MahaShakthi who incorporates all the energies and all the Gods.

  • A person who worships Sri MahaShakthi does not need to worship any other God. Because whatever God we worship is only a part of Sri MahaShakthi.


  • The world's first Sannidhi for Sri MahaShakthi is at our Sri Sathya Ashram, Yelagiri Hills. To free the devotees from darkness and bondages, our Maha Avatar Sathya Bhagawan has regularly claimed as only a simple devotee only has dedicated this SriMahaShakthi Sannidhi for the devotees.​​​

Sathya Mozhi

       Everything that you trusted would one day desert you, 

  then only you can see the hand of SriMahaShakthi... 

-  Bhagawan ShreeSathyam

  • SriMahashakthi is the Viswaroopa Swarup exhibited by Sri Krishna to Arjuna in Kurukshetra.​

  • There is no discrimination based on race, language, colour, caste, religion, rich/poor to worship SriMahaShakthi at Yelagiri Hills SriSathya Ashram. All are equal inside the SriMahaShakthi Sannidhi.​

  • It is not a simple thing to worship SriMahaShakthi. Only the destined can come, worship the Ultimate SriMahaShakthi. And if one gets to view then they not only get the benefit of this birth but become the fortunate who is released from the punishments in this life, free from curses.

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