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Answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Sri Sathya Ashram?


Sri Sathya Ashram is the divine abode for all the Sathya Devotees and the Followers of True Way.  It is the lighthouse.

2. In which year was Sri Sathya Ashram founded?

Sri Sathya Ashram in -

Chennai was founded in 1995

Bangalore was founded in 2000

Yelagiri Malai was founded in 2002

Pondicherry was founded in 2011

Hosur was founded in 2013

Thiruvannamalai was founded in 2015

Melbourne was founded in 2016

3. Who founded Sri Sathya Ashram?

Sri Sathya Ashram was founded by Bhagwan Shree Sathyam.

4. About Sri Sathya Ashram?

The place where a Guru resides is called an Ashram. So, wherever the Guru stays, or lives becomes an Ashram.


So, who is a Guru?

The one who imparts what he knows to others is a teacher, educator, trainer.

The one who is capable of teaching whatever the world needs is called a Guru. Guru is omniscient.

Guru holds the expertise on all domains and elements of life. Guru is not someone who is skilled or specialised in just one topic or field.  

HE is not just my Guru nor your Guru. HE is neither a Guru for just one community nor a religion. HE is our Guru. HE is common for all of us.

For example, there is only one Sun, can we distinguish the sun as yours and mine? Doesn’t the sun belong to our whole universe? Just like that, a Guru belongs to the whole world. He is common for all of us.

Guru is our acquaintance. Our Guru is our vision. HE is our pathway. HE is our wisdom. HE is the lighthouse we should never miss or lose in life.

5. About Shree Sathya Bhagwan?

Sathya Bhagwan is an Avatar who has incarnated to reform and revolutionize human freedom and democracy. HE is the key for human freedom.

HE has come to unite the entire world into One Family. We are one family. We are one world.

Helping you Identify/realise: Who is a Saint? Who is a Guru, Saint or a Preacher? What is right(Dharma) and what is wrong(Adharma)? What is spirituality? What are our duties and responsibilities? Guru helps you identify all these.

Guru takes away all the karmas of his disciples and devotees in order to let them attain the path towards liberation(Moksha).

Guru keeps the world’s balance in order.

Through spiritual discourse(upadesam), Guru will transform a person to attain completeness. And through this, a person’s life becomes fulfilled.


6. What is the way of worship followed in Sri Sathya Ashram?

With Sri Sri Prapanja(Universe) Mahashakthi as the One True God and Maha Avatar Shree Sathya Bhagwan as the Gurushakthi, TRUEWAY LIFESTYLE is followed as the way of worship.



It is the true lifestyle. Guidelines to live. It is just the proper or accurate way of life.


8. What does lifestyle mean?

In a person’s daily life, from the moment he wakes up in the morning until the moment he goes back to bed in the night, whatever habits he has, whatever guidelines he follows, whatever discipline he maintains, whatever he speaks and however he behaves is the person’s way of life.


9. Is TRUEWAY LIFESTYLE a new religion or a new caste/creed?

No. People have already been divided into alienated group and fed with a sense of vengeance, which has grown into caste, creed, and religion.  

To surpass these and to avert from getting trapped in these, trueway lifestyle acts as the boat that helps us get across.

Just the name by itself “TRUEWAY LIFESTYLE” is abundant to explain and to understand that there is no caste or religion involved in it.


10. What is the purpose of TRUEWAY LIFESTYLE?

One complete man. One complete life.


11. In Sri Sathya Ashram when does Sathya Darshan take place?

On every full moon day, new moon day, Tuesdays, Fridays, and also during a few other special occasions.


12. Why does Sri Sathya Ashram open only on full moon day, new moon day, Tuesdays, and Fridays?


Just like Thai Poosam festival in Palani and Makara Jyothi in Sabari Malai, in Yelagiri Malai Sri Sathya Ashram full moon day, new moon day, Tuesdays, and Fridays are the destined special days.


13. How is karma eliminated the moment someone steps into the Ashram?

Karma is one’s action + consequence = karma. Karma arises from human deeds.

Through mentally and physically influencing others, a man’s action becomes unstoppable and runs continuously – this is called a man’s deed.

Like this, the deeds done by past 7 generation of one’s mother’s side and past 7 generations of father’s side, the good and bad consequence from all their deeds through the generations collectively becomes one’s Karma, which is created, shared and experienced.

In this way, 7 + 7 = 14 Karma acquired from one’s ancestors and in addition to that one’s own karma is encountered and experienced in life as happiness and sorrow.

So, only the sorrowful Karmas owned by a person gets dissipated and eliminated by setting foot into Sri Sathya Ashram.


14. Why is Bhagwan behind a screen during Sathya Darshan?

As Bhagwan is in Sathya Dharma Sankalpa vow.


15. What is Sathya Dharma Sankalpa Vow?

To be detached from worldly fame, honour, and self-marketing. This vow has been taken to transform and reform the people all over the world, to emancipate and liberate all the humans, and to free the seeking devotees from their curses.

16. Can I have a personal darshan with Shree Sathya Bhagwan? What should I do for that?

We will not have the necessity to have a personal darshan with Bhagwan. It is because, as soon as we set foot into the Ashram, Bhagwan will start reading our minds.

Bhagwan will commence towards fulfilling those wishes. Our wishes and thoughts will begin to bear fruit.


After this, what is the need for us to meet Bhagwan individually?  

Bhagwan belongs to this whole world. HE does not belong to any specific entity.

If someone wants to have a personal darshan with Bhagwan, they must have an invite or a divine command from Bhagwan himself.

Having such a darshan with the divine command is known as Karma Vimochana Darshan.


17. What should I do to attain Karma Vimochana Darshan?

1. If we take part in Sewas and if these Sewas satisfy and please Bhagwan completely, we shall attain Karma Vimochana Darshan.  

2. If we become a disciple of Bhagwan, we shall achieve Karma Vimochana Darshan.

3. When we fulfill Divine Sewas for the Ashram, we shall attain Karma Vimochana Darshan.

4. If we are a destined athma, when we receive our spiritual awakening, we shall achieve Karma Vimochana Darshan.


18. What is Mahashakthi? Is Mahashakthi a new God?

Mahashakthi is neither a new God nor a new deity.

This universal super energy. It primarily implies God. It is the underlying core for all the energies. The absolute Energy. The primary base of all the cosmic energies and the all-embracing complete energy. Universe is complete.


In this universe, all that you can see through your eyes, things that you cannot see through your eyes, and things that are further infinitesimal… all of this is within Mahaskathi.


You all have kept several names for the same God. Mahashakthi is the one true God for all the different names you have.


19. What is Gurushakthi?

Gurushakthi is – Shree Sathya Bhagwan as the culmination of energies of all the Gurus this world has ever seen, and all the Gurus of the world themselves.

The name and time of the incarnation of Avatars could be different. But all their purpose, actions and source will the same. This is what could be described as Gurushakthi.


20. What is the speciality of Sri Sathya Ashram?

There are more 144 special features for Sri Sathya Ashram. Among this, the foremost speciality is “When you set foot into the Asharam, your Karmas will be eliminated”.

21. What are the two sanctums in Sri Sathya Ashram?

First sanctum is Sri Sri Paripurana Prapanja Mahashakthi Moksha Vilas.

Second sanctum is Sri Sri Paripurana Prapanja Mahashakthi Bhaktha Vilas.


22. When are these two sanctums open for worship?

Sri Sri Paripurana Prapanja Mahashakthi Bhaktha Vilas – Remains open all 365 days for the devotees.

Sri Sri Paripurana Prapanja Mahashakthi Moksha Vilas – Open for worship only during full moon day, new moon day, and on Tuesdays and Fridays.


23. What are the opening hours for both the sanctums?

Sri Sri Paripurana Prapanja Mahashakthi Bhaktha Vilas opening hours – Morning from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon and Evening from 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

Sri Sri Paripurana Prapanja Mahashakthi Moksha Vilas opening hours – From 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM.


24. Is there any fees to be paid to visit the sanctums?

There is no fee charged for the darshan of Sanctums. It is completely free of cost.


25. What is the name of the deity worshipped in Sri Sathya Ashram?

Sri Sri Paripurana Prapanja Mahashakthi


26. What is the name of the Guru guiding Sri Sathya Ashram?

Avatar Shree Sathyam.


27. Who are Sathya Devotees?

We can see 3 types of visitors at Sri Sathya Ashram.

1. General Public :

They are common people from all over the world. General public living with various habits and following varied guidelines in life.


The first-time visitors to Sri Sathya Ashram. The destined visitors.


2. Sathya Devotees :

Sathya devotees are those who are already introduced to Sathya Dharma known as Mahashakthi.


Those who have started realising Mahashakthi as the true energy. Those who have started realising Mahashakthi as the right energy.


They have started realising their true origin as Mahashakthi.

Furthermore, Sathya devotees are those who are in the initial stages of focussing their devotion towards the right path.


Sathya devotees are the ones who have attained One complete, fulfilled, omnipotent, limitless God, and the only Guru guiding them towards that God.


For example, it is similar to attaining the right path and starting the true journey.


3. TRUEWAY Followers :

TRUEWAY followers are those who live a lifestyle realising Mahashakthi through Sathya Dharma. Sathya or true rules are different – Mahashakthi is different – guidelines to live by are different – not leading such a contradicting and confusing life – Where I am different – the God that I worship is different – my life is different – my justice is different – my rules and method of life is different – I do varied different things for my survival – Likewise, I should not get stranded in life with these paradoxes, and rather be like a river that flows into the sea seamlessly, living a definite and true life in a disciplined and regulated setup and leading an orderly and superior life as a noble, is the Sriman TRUEWAY follower. His life is the guidelines through which TRUEWAY Followers live.


28. How can I contact Sri Sathya Ashram?

Please contact Bhaktha Seva Information Centre. Refer the Contact page on this website for more details.


29. I would like to volunteer for Seva at Sri Sathya Ashram…what should I do?

Please contact the Ashram through Bhaktha Seva Information Centre.


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