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Question 1: "Swami, my skepticism does not allow me to perceive you as distinguished Mahavatar... what to do?"

Avatar :

Yes, right, this skepticism happening in many people's minds is natural. It's not a surprise.

A stranger entering a classroom and introducing himself as a professor would raise many doubts in the student's minds.

Instead of wasting time to dispel the doubts about him by taking full-time lessons to prove his worth, the professor focuses on his purpose, providing explanations and making them understand the topics which were previously not comprehended; then, by this, he would be presented as a professor in front of the students. Would be able to prove himself.

It becomes an easy and useful way to recognize anyone. If the professor spends all the time trying to prove himself in every classroom or to each student, they will be unable to pass their exams. The purpose of the professor would also be wasted right.

That's is why I focus on my purpose. Because that would be the best way to prove oneself...Moreover, that would also be the opportunity to fulfill my goals.

Not only for you but many others, these doubts and suspicion arising in their mind is natural.

My actions are the means to dispel them. So don't worry, you are free to have doubts and skepticism about ME.


Question 2: "Bhagwan,1000 years back, Which Avatar did you Incarnate as?"

Avatar ShreeSathyam:

(After a Laughing loudly) 'It is possible for everyone to misinterpret. It is nearly impossible for anyone to understand correctly...' it seems you have not heard the above statement of mine.

If I as myself am not here, then how would I have incarnated 1000 years back? Not able to understand?

All the Saints, Avatars whom you have seen or heard about is not one single individual. The Saint or Avatar is an aggregation, a confluence of various incarnations appearing at different eras.

If a man and a woman conjoin, then we get a child as a third person. A child is born.

Likewise, as a result of the confluence of many Saints, a Saint incarnation happens. Understood? Clear ? on that basis, only I state that not only me but all Saints are not individual persons.

Not only that, all Saints are God's assistants. People who do God's work do not become God. They can only be an assistant.

Can a person who shares the work of his boss become the boss himself! When there is no one around, he thinks himself as a Boss, visualizes as a Boss. We can only sympathize with that simpleton.

When a foam or a wave appears in the water, where was it before? I'm likewise. I'm here only both after taking the physical form and before without the physical body.


Question 3: "In the present scenario, what do you consider as very difficult?"

"To run an Ashram or a Brothel is very tough. The peculiar thing is that people for their comfort and entertainment liberally utilize them and desire them. The same people will run helter-skelter and hide if there is an issue there. (Avatar laughing)

The same people act as if they loathe them but internally like them. They mock and tease them in public.

Prostitution is against the law. In the case of Ashram, the law is waiting to pounce on them.

A raid can happen anytime at an Ashram or the Brothel.

No guarantee.

An Ashram or Brothel can be anytime tarnished by the news media calling themselves as Investigative journalism.

No guarantee.

Most of the people are always ready to believe them.

If you ever get a chance to see, hear about an Ashram or a Brothel, have sympathy for them...!"


Question 4: "Avatar, let me admit openly to you; my heart cannot hide from you. I understand that unconsciously I find it difficult to accept you as Shree Krishna. I want to come out of this. But why am in this state, can you please explain?"

Avatar Shree Sathyam:

"People with split minds lead a disjointed life. We address the people who live a disconnected life as mentally disturbed.

There are many levels of mental illness. Different percentages are there. If the stable mind percentage is 50% and the split mind is 50%, we can balance it out, and the mental disturbance is inconspicuous.

If the percentage of the split mind rises, then the balance it tipped off. The outside world also identifies it.

The comedy here is that the outside world is mentally disturbed, comprising 50% split minds.

The fundamental mistake starts with an integrated mind. A unified mind composed of patched up, parts of mind joined together. What will result out of that? A split mind only.

A balanced mind is formed from a fully complete mental state. Only a balanced mind is healthy. People with that level of consciousness are rare these days.

We are brought up with conflicting temperaments from childhood. That is where begins our patched up integrated mind.

Nobody has seen God. But believe because others state it. That faith is one piece of belief without evidence.

Where did you come from? Where are you going to go? What is your purpose in life? We know nothing. Just because everyone is living, we also live with them. This is a proofless piece of disbelief.

Even if there are no encounters with ghosts, devils, there is a fear of walking alone in the dark. This is a witless ignorant piece.

In the future, we don't know whether we turn out rich or poor. Nevertheless, saving or spending money continues. This is a proof-less sceptic piece.

We don't know the basis of religion or castes. However, with the crowd, day-to-day rituals happen. This is a wavering activity piece without any proof.

Without knowing one's life expectancy, engage in daily physical exercises to extend it. Here begins an illusion piece without any basis.

Unable to determine one's competency or growth but harbor jealousy comparing with other's abilities and achievements. This is a character piece.

Thus, hundreds of pieces of the mind join together as one grows. Every part of the mind is the opposite and incompatible with each other.

When you grow up into adults, intelligence grows. Logic develops. People say sex is a sin to be avoided. Life becomes a waste if it absent.

At this point, a unified mind gets divided. It starts suspecting on the God who is supposed to have given this. Internally the faith is lost. Just displaying devotion outwardly is a sign of a split mind.

From time immemorial, people worship a picture, painting as God. Every day they also keep uttering the message by God, ' I would take the human form in times of need' with a tune. They also exclaim, 'Krishna Nee Begane Baaro'.

When God comes in person or reveals that they have come, the split mind speaks out, deciding, "how can someone resembling me be superior to me? To accept this is shameful, disgusting."

How to manage this critical situation?

Instead of facing the humiliation of accepting someone looking like me as superior, nobler to me, let me refuse, reject, shame, demean the person. I can protect my egoistic, low self-esteem mind...". It also plays accordingly.

It is a mind game where truth can be perceived if one overcomes this, and the goal can be reached. If one is stuck in this mind game, the result will be known in the next life.

I would like to share a few topics with you. For some time, leave me out of this.

When Sri Krishna and Sri Ramakrishna were living, they never mentioned to anyone that they are an incarnation of God.

If Guru Sandeepani has known that SriKrishna is a God Incarnate, then he would have never come forward to take Sri Krishna as his disciple and give lessons. Which teacher is qualified to take lessons to God? Sri Krishna grew up and lived like a member of the royal family.

In the Kurukshetra war, when there was a need, he revealed himself only to Arjunan. Do you know why? To make Arjunan focussed. Only to make him listen to his speech(Dharma).

Always observe what the message is from whom it was conveyed.

The person who wrote that Epic knew about SriKrishna's complete life started describing SriKrishna as God right from the beginning. This is an important point you need to understand.

The depiction of Sri Krishna in the calendars, picture frames we see daily are exaggerated because he was a King and an incarnation of God.

In reality, his appearance was quite ordinary and straightforward. His disciples have beautifully and divinely narrated Sri Krishna's dark complexion. From this itself, we can understand the truth. For you and your ilk, these things create complications.

Once Jesus, before revealing himself, asked his assistant, "Go and prepare the pathway I need to take." If the rightful person has to declare themselves aptly, many obstacles would be created for them. Only if that is cleared, the revelation will be shining.

Here there are complications in the minds of you and your type. I am there as light. I am crystal clear."


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