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Tell Completely!

Once during a Sathya darshan, a lady devotee had an audience with Avatar Sathyam. She was briefing about the struggles, miseries, and hardships she was facing.

Avatar said, " This is too little..".

That lady agreed, "Yes, I have told a small amount only..." She started telling her problems more elaborately.

After this, also, Avatar said, "This too is minimal ... you have not told completely..."

"It's true..." the lady said and tried to express her grief with whatever words.

At this point also Avatar said, "Even now you have not told completely..."

That lady burst into tears.

Avatar also closed HIS eyes for some time and remained silent.

The weeper became quiet.

After this Avatar asked,

"How is it now?"

" t's peaceful Avatar..." the lady's face was filled with serenity and bliss.

"Now you have given your problems clearly and thoroughly to me, the best way to express and hand over one's grief lucidly. There is no scale to measure sorrows and grief. When there is no measuring scale, then how can we express in words? Understood !" said Avatar and closed HIS eyes calmly.


Hand over your miseries and grief to ME!

A newbie young lady accompanied by her mother came to meet Avatar.

The young lady clasped Avatar's feet and broke into tears. Avatar consoled that lady and calmed her.

The lady's face had white patches due to Leucoderma, a skin disease. She started explaining that she was engaged to marry someone, and the skin conditions had surfaced after the engagement. The bridegroom seeing her canceled the marriage lamented the lady sobbing.

Avatar closed HIS eyes and placed his hand on the lady's head. "Go, my child," said Avatar calmly. The also took leave.

After a couple of weeks, the same lady and her mother came to seek blessings of Avatar.

The white patches in the young lady's face had disappeared entirely.

" Avatar, by your divine grace, my problem has been removed. The white patches in my face has vanished. Hearing this, the same person who had rejected my hand in marriage has now agreed to marry me on the chosen date.

I'm delighted, Avatar..." said the lady happily teary-eyed.

" Extremely happy, go, my child...: said Avatar letting them go.

After prostrating before Avatar when the lady was getting up, she observed Avatar's face intently and asked,

" Avatar, what is that white patch in your face?..."

Avtar ShreeSathyam smiled innocently. " It's nothing... you go and come!"

After that, for three years, Avatar had the white patches(Leucoderma) on HIS face. It slowly started disappearing, and even now, there are some traces in Avatar.


Judge and Witness!

A prominent lawyer used to come for Avatar's Satsangs. Once, he asked a question to Avatar.

"Avatar, do you regularly visit a courthouse because you are talking accurately and humorously about law and courts? It's Surprising for experienced people like us, that's why this question...!"

Avatar smilingly replied, "We have not reached that state yet..."

Immediately the Judge said, "Thought so, it's pure wisdom only. Only with wisdom, this is possible; You are the only wise person, the reason is complete wisdom!"

Avatar replies with a smile, "Even now, here also do you have to pronounce a judgment? Can you be a mere witness? When will you be a witness?". The Judge understanding the gravity of the word, 'Witness' was smiling and enjoying. Others around also joined.


True service does not require proof!

During a Sathya Darshan in Bangalore, when the crowd was unmanageable, the volunteers stepped in and organized the devotees in a line. The people came in a line to get the blessings from Avatar.

Avatar asked a mature unmarried lady, " can we get you married ?"

Immediately the lady fell at Avatar's feet and started crying.

Her name was Savithri employed with a Kannada newspaper Vijay, aged 38, and her family has got fed up looking for a groom for her, she said tearfully.

Avatar put a hand over her head and said: 'Next time when you come to me, you will come with a Marriage invitation!"

The miracle happened as it is. The next time the lady came, she was carrying her marriage invitation. She was expressing her joy all over. Even now, that devotee visits Yelagiri Ashram with her husband.

The point here is that these kinds of miracles are ordinary daily routines for Avatar ShreeSathyam.

One amongst us said, 'Avatar, we need to record all these miracles. Don't we have to tell the world how you have effortlessly without publicity done miracles for thousands of people? It could be a proof for them?"

Avatar replied calmly: " Evidence... for the prove what? That I have powers? That I should get publicity? Make me popular? Silly! What proof do we need by keeping Mahashakthi as a witness? Here what is the necessity to get validated by others? Why do we need fame addiction from human society? The testimonials are required only to get awards from the society. The service will end as we apply for recognition. We have lots of work to do; come, let's look at them."

This is Avatar ShreeSathyam.

" To make a lime or holy ash appear in front of a devotee is a mere magician. For their livelihood. A true Saint is one who creates miracles and changes in the lives of people who approach the Saint."

It's the Sathya Mozhi.

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