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Candid Devotee and the Fragrant Devotion

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

1. Trichy - K.Ramanathan & Selvi

We learnt how we should be celebrating a birthday from our Bhagwan Shreesathyam. Bhagwan stressed the importance of this celebration and practically showed us how to do it by performing it in the Ashram. Before this, we have never actually celebrated a birthday. Previously, we used to visit a temple in the neighborhood and make Kesari sweet at home on a birthday, and that's it. We learnt the actual way of celebrating birthday only at our Sathya Ashram. Since then, each year we have been celebrating the birthdays of all our family members without fail and it is solely because of our Guru. With gratitude we have been sharing this to so many others. We will not forget this until the end of our lives. Om Mahashakthi Jai Gurushakthi.

2. Thiruchengodu – Ragupathi

Basically, I am a Hindu, but I do not know any prayers or mantras. I learnt all the important slokas that are essential to life after coming to Sathya Ashram. Previously, whenever I did a pooja at home, I used to simply light camphor, ring a bell and keep scared ash(vibhuti) on my forehead, that's all. I did not know how to do a pooja authentically. For a very long time, I have been feeling bad about it. Today, my wife, kids and I recite mantras and conduct pooja and worship in an authentic and methodical manner. The sole reason behind all this is our Bhagwan Avatar ShreeSathyam and Sathya Ashram. || Mahashakthi Vishwaroopa Brahma Loka Srushti Roopa Narayana Nama Roopa Shivaya Gnana Roopa Sri Krishna Avathara Dharma Roopa Sri Sathyameva Jeya Roopa Paripoorana Sri Mahashakthiyayi Namasthuthe. Namasthuthe. Namosthuthe... || We all know this mantra by heart now. Initially, our neighbors and friends were very much surprised looking at us. But later, they started inviting us to their home during auspicious occasions to do pooja and show Aarathi to God. Bhagwan Shreesathyam is the only reason behind all this change. Many thanks to Bhagwan. We can never thank enough for all this, my apologies. Om Mahashakthi Jai Gurushakthi.

3. Rasipuram - Palanivel

Gurushakthi taught us how to manage and handle money. “1 of 4 earned today should be donated. 1 of 3 remaining should be invested. 1 of 2 remaining should be spent on land. 1 remaining should be spent happily.” We have been following this in our daily life. Today, I own 3 houses. Among that, I have rented 2 houses. I also own 2 empty lands. I have sufficient cash with myself and in my bank account. My wife has 73 Savarans or 0.58 Kg of gold ornaments. I gave 50 Savarans of gold to my daughter and did her wedding. My son has completed his studies and has started working. We have 3 bikes and a car. We got all this because of our Gurushakthi’s blessings and Bhagwan’s spiritual guidance/teachings. We have always prayed to Mahashakthi for only one thing in life, bless us with a heart that can never forget Gurushakthi. Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam.

4. Vandavasi – V.Ramachandran

Gurushakthi is our guide. I used to beat up my kids and my wife. After coming to Ashram and listening to Gurushakthi’s preaching, I did not raise my hand on my family members for more than 6 years now. But as per Gurushakthi’s teachings, whenever they make a mistake, I discipline them, I advise them. This is sufficient to discipline them these days. They are correcting their mistakes. I have been transformed into a human being by my Gurushakthi. I surrender to Gurushakthi. Sathyam Samarpanam. Mahashakthiku Arpanam.

5. Vellore, Sathuvachavadi - Parimala

In the beginning, when I come to Yelagiri Ashram, we must wait in the queue to have darshan with Bhagwan. Bhagwan will be behind the screen and talk to each one of us. It was a long queue that day and after waiting for a long time,  I got my turn. Standing in front of the screen, I told all my problem to Bhagwan. I had many problems and I was anxiously telling them. Bhagwan said, “Calm down and tell patiently”. I told all my problems with Bhagwan. After listening to me tolerantly, Bhagwan said, “From now on, whenever you come across a hardship, tell the below mantra thrice. After that, the problem will come to me and I shall take care of it. You may go now”. He gave me prasad and blessed me before I left. ||Sathyam Samarpanam. Mahashakthi-ku Arpanam|| I was not satisfied with what Bhagwan said, I was thinking “Is that all I should do?” and came back home. A few days passed by and when I came across a problem, I started telling the above mantra as instructed by Bhagwan. I started experiencing miracles. My problems are moving away from me. At that moment, I realised the power and depth of the mantra Bhagwan gave me. I will not pass a single day without chanting this mantra. I am a devotee of Bhagwan Shreesathyam.

Sathyam Samarpanam. Mahashakthi-ku Arpanam

6. Nattrampalli – Vaidegi

The habit of lighting lamp and incense daily at home was instilled in me by my Guru Bhagwan Shreesathyam. Bhagwan strictly disciplined me and made me follow it daily.

Initially, I was a bit lazy about it. But as the days passed, I started experiencing the benefits of lighting a lamp and incense daily. Nowadays, my home is filled with prosperity and a heavenly smell. The reason behind all this is the Guru I have attained in my life. Even if I give crores and crores of money, I cannot fulfill the debt I owe to my Guru Bhagwan Shreesathyam. ​

Om Mahashakthi Jai Gurushakthi

7. Villupuram – Parameshwari

The first gift I ever received in my entire life is from my Guru Bhagwan Shreesathyam.

I am not a very close devotee to the Ashram. I have never done any help or voluntary work for the Ashram. On my birthday, Bhagwan suddenly called out my name and invited me to the dais and handed me a gift-wrapped parcel. Along with this, Bhagwan gave me 2 laddoos and some tulsi. I was very excited, and I could not wait any longer, so I ended up opening the parcel on my way back home. I could not believe myself; It was a very expensive gift. Unconsciously, I started chanting

“Om Mahashakthi Jai Gurushakthi”

Devotee sitting next to me told, “Our Bhagwan will keep giving several gifts like this to many Ashram Devotees. Bhagwan does not have any need to give gifts to us. Our Guru is doing this because of his divine heart. We have to just stay devoted for all of this happen.”

Until the last minute of my life, I will not let go of my devotion to My Guru Bhagwan Shreesathyam.

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam.

8. Chennai – R.K.Ganesan

I was a very arrogant and egotistic person. I was very selfish and condescending, I would argue unnecessarily. Even if I knew I am wrong, I would not accept it. I would argue and be adamant about it.

I took part in 6 to 7 Darshans of Bhagwan. During one such darshan, Bhagwan suddenly called me by my name and asked to come closer. There was another devotee sitting next to me.

Without looking at me, Bhagwan asked the other devotee, do you know who will be egocentric and adamant?

This devotee kept his hands together, worshipping Bhagwan and remained quiet.

Bhagwan told: Only a fool will be egocentric and adamant because he will neither have a mind of his own and nor he will listen to the wise things given to him by others. Wise people will never be arrogant or egotistic, they will be obedient and respectful.

After telling this, Bhagwan turned towards me and gave me prasadam. He then blessed me by placing his hand on my head and asked me to leave.

I got back home, but I could not sleep. I slowly started realising that all that Bhagwan said was not for the devotee next to me, it was all intended for me.

Many told me that I have changed a lot recently. Though I have been coming to Ashram regularly, my fate and destiny got changed when Bhagwan kept HIS hand on my head and blessed.

Today, I have let go of my anger, arrogance, adamancy, and transformed into a highly respected individual in the society. This is all because of my dear Bhagwan.

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam

9. Bengaluru - Rakesh.V

A training program was conducted in Yelagiri Ashram. By the end of this program, we had darshan with Bhagwan in the Bhaktha Hall.

We were all sitting in a group, Bharath Kumar was sitting in front of me and Hosur Ramesh was sitting behind me. Bhagwan gave us each a lifebuoy soap.

Bhagwan said :

"Wash your hands at least 10 times a day. 94% of people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. I cannot give you soaps all the time. I am giving it today to set an example. Remember this and stay hygienic. You should maintain your personal hygiene. From now on, will you all wash your hands at least 10 times a day?"

Just like any other day, all of us responded "Yes" to Bhagwan's question and dispersed home, so did I.

This happened 5 to 6 years ago.

Recently, I was thinking about this and I was totally startled.

What is happening right now? The whole world is screaming asking everyone to wash their hands with soap to fight Corona.

My Bhagwan told this a long time ago or I can even say that Bhagwan has always been insisting on it.

I was left with nothing but tears for failing to understand the holy infiniteness of my Bhagwan.

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam

10. Chennai - P.Subramaniam

In the beginning, just like everybody else, I thought Bhagwan was a priest. After continuously attending Bhagwan's darshans, I realised that Bhagwan is truly an Avatar. After I started enduring Bhagwan's powers, I was able to completely understand the glory of our Bhagwan.

But Bhagwan's innocent smiles, HIS humble words, HIS frank and open stringency in correcting us, made a lot of changes in me from within.

Beyond the devotion, I started adoring and admiring my Guru Bhagwan.

I could not stay without the thought of Bhagwan. I often go and sit in front of Bhagwan's Photo and chant his holy name.

I was united with my estranged family. All my wealth and prosperity that I had lost, returned to me. All this happened by itself. I did not ask for any of this to happen. And none of this happened before I reached Bhagwan's Feet.

"You are a surrendered(To Mahashakthi) soul.

You are my son.."

I heard this once from my Bhagwan's divine self. That day, I attained my destiny. This is all I wanted in my life.

Nothing is permanent around me. Only my Bhagwan is perpetual.

I do not have any problems/sorrows. I peacefully live under the shelter of Bhagwan.

||Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam||

11. Acharapakkam - V.P.Raman

To be very truthful, I do not have any devotion.

Bhagwan constantly kept telling me about it. Bhagwan prepared and sculpted me.

HE gave me a status that I did not deserve.

HE transformed me into a very respectable person in society and rejoiced.

Just like how we pamper and praise our kids, Bhagwan was doing that towards me, it was all because of HIS affection.

Your Devotion.

Everything is happening because of your devotion.

You are very devoted.

Bhagwan kept on telling this to me and he instilled the devotion in me. It is completely because of Bhagwan's power. It is not because of my devotion. And Bhagwan would not like to reveal it.

"Look, it is all because of my power..." will Bhagwan ever say this? Is he a human to brag? No, HE is God, HE is humble.

If everything that happened to me after I came to Ashram was because of my Devotion, then why did nothing happen for 53 years before I reached the Ashram?

All I experienced was sorrow. I did not gain any happiness from anyone in those years. I learned what is happiness from Bhagwan, HE showed me.

I do not have enough words to explain Bhagwan. I am not worthy enough to do that either.

It will be similar to an ant trying to explain about the mighty earth.

I bow to Bhagwan.

||Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam||

12. Bangalore - Kasthuri Rangan

My mother-in-law Kausalya from Mysore introduced Bhagwan to me. I was always devoted to god, but I was not very inclined towards Gurus and Saints. Without much interest, I visited Ashram for the pressure from my mother-in-law.

I saw Bhagwan was behind a screen. Initially, I could not believe it. I was wondering how someone can possibly be like this in the world.

I quickly googled about it.

There is no record of any Guru who was behind the screen and separated from the world like Bhagwan. I enquired the nearby devotees and sewaks for more details, they knew nothing more than I did.

I sat in the Darshan.

Bhagwan said,

“You will prosper only when you learn to differentiate between friendship and business”

I was quite shocked. I wondered if my mother-in-law would have informed something to Bhagwan. She is very devoted and affectionate to Bhagwan.

Bhagwan further said,

“He will drag you down to the streets, and only after that you will realise and come running to surrender yourself to Mahashakthi. But I wouldn’t take you in at that time.”

I was totally awestruck.

On the way back to Banglore, I enquired my mother-in-law whether she had told anything to Bhagwan.

She said, “What do you think of Bhagwan’s power? You will understand it for yourself slowly. Do you think we can go and talk about family issues to Bhagwan? He is omnipresent, he knows everything. But he would not reveal it to anyone. The affection he has towards us is a gift, I can never misuse that. You always have your problems to worry about.”

The next few things in my life happened just like Bhagwan predicted. I lost everything and business was completely shut. I lost my dignity and I did not come out of the house for 3 months.

My mother-in-law was the one who brought me back to the Ashram. She told that the day Bhagwan had mentioned has arrived, let us go and surrender at HIS Feet.

I went to the Ashram. Just like Bhagwan told, HE did not talk to me. HE was not ready to see me either.

But very soon, he got me a good job in Wipro, Bangalore.

I was wondering, a person who is not after fame and attention, leading a life far away from the worldly things. Why is HE doing all this? That too, for everyone, even for those who do not respect HIM, without any differentiation.

What was the first thing that stopped me from surrendering myself to Bhagwan? It was my Ego. I thought I know everything. I saw Bhagwan as a mere Swamiji. I saw HIM as an ordinary human. I have made a huge mistake.

I believed and worshipped lord Krishna. But I did not believe in Bhagwan. Even Lord Krishna came in human form, but I did not realise this sooner.

See, what my mother-in-law had understood, I was not able to understand.

When I did not know anything about my own life, what else do I know?

I am not worthy enough to even beg for HIS forgiveness.

Irrespective of whether I fall or rise, in this life I have only one God and it is Bhagwan and only HIM.

|| Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam ||

13. Darmapuri – K.Varalakshmi

I am working as a teacher now and even that is because of Bhagwan’s blessings.

I used to really enjoy the divine prasadam Bhagwan gives during each darshan. I would even take leave from my work to take part in darshan for their magical prasadam. Each divine pasadam and gift will have a specific power and it will fulfil a certain purpose.

In my case, my problems at home started slowly dissolving one after the other. My husband quit drinking. My kids started performing well in their studies. We started saving a bit, we started buying some jewellery for myself. We were living a happy life. All this happened after I started coming to the Ashram and after I received the divine gifts.

At that time, Ashram devotee Selvi from Darmapuri told me, if you convert the affection that you have on these divine gifts into devotion towards Bhagwan, you will grow, and your life will prosper.

I asked her, “But after coming to the Ashram, I am already leading a better life. Even now I have come for Bhagwan’s darshan!”

Selvi responded – “What you have now is not Bhakthi. You are coming here for a selfish reason, to get your things done. Not everyone who come to darshan are devotees. Only those who come for Bhagwan are the true devotees. Try to become a Sathya Devotee, that is the best way forward for you.”

I could not understand her, I asked to further clarify.

“All that you get from divine gifts and prasadam will not last. Only those that you get out of Bhagwan’s blessings will stay with you, no one will be able to take such things away from you.

I asked her – then why is Bhagwan giving these divine gifts?

“Bhagwan is doing this to save and protect those who are not devoted. HE is doing it because there is no other option to save them, they would not listen and act as per Bhagwan. What can we do when people let their fate decide their destiny and suffer miserably? Bhagwan is doing this out of pity, as there is no other option to save them. But people think these divine gifts are more important than Bhagwan himself.

If you notice, Bhagwan will not give these divine gifts to any of his true devotees. There are only one or two true devotees here. For those, Bhagwan would only give flowers, laddu or sacred ash. Even that sometimes Bhagwan would give after reading their mind.”

I said, I can understand.

Selvi continued “Now, if you want the happiness and prosperity that you attained to last, you better become devoted. Keep coming to the darshan, come with devotion towards Bhagwan and stay. Don’t come looking for divine gifts, it is not for us!”

I followed what Selvi mathaji had told and continued coming to the darshan. I slowly started to realise and understand the meaning behind her words.

During the darshan, while Selvi is in deep prayers, she would subconsciously shout and express. Even at that time she was telling “Bhagwan, I do not want anything in life but to stay in this devotion towards you.”

While returning home with her, I told her that you shouted this during the darshan today.

Selvi asked me - “All the divine gifts that Bhagwan gives are so powerful. Who gives these power and energy to them?”

I replied - It is Bhagwan who energises them.

Selvi said - Then, how much power should Bhagwan have?

I then realised, Yeah, Very true! I never thought about.

Selvi said, “Surrendering in his feet is the true devotion. He will take care of the rest.”

I was transformed that day! Until this moment, I am living as a devotee of Bhagwan.

I built a new house and conducted housewarming ceremony. We even purchased a lorry. Everything has Bhagwan’s name and photo on it.

When you ask for a Mahashakthi devotee, my whole street will guide you towards our house.

The guidance and clarity Selvi mathaji provided to me that day, I am doing that to others now.

I do not wish for anymore divine gifts now.

Om Mahashakthi || Jai Gurushakthi ||

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam

14. Bangalore – K.Parameshwara

In my whole life, Sathyam Bhagwan is the only true God I have ever witnessed. Mainly because he is the only ONE who has never claimed himself as a God and HE does not worry or bother himself when people do not think of him as one. Unlike many others, Bhagwan tries to make sure that people do not think of him as a God.

Additionally, Bhagwan will take measures to portray himself as a common human. Bhagwan’s life, HIS smile, HIS words, HIS playfulness, and HIS humour, everything will make HIM portray as a commoner.

But all the other Swamiji’s want to portray themselves as Gods, they spend all the money they have in advertising and promoting themselves as God.

Whereas, Sathya Bhagwan is concealed from the people. Bhagwan hides himself, look at the difference.

But people like me can understand this truth. Namaste Bhagwan.”

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam

15. Bangalore – Nithya

One thing I really like about Bhagwan is that HE will understand devotee’s problem and sorrow by himself without any need for the sufferer to explain.

Whenever one of the devotee’s cry, Bhagwan will also have tears.

This fascinates me.

Bhagwan will always fulfil HIS devotee’s prayers and wishes immediately.

Bhagwan will do this to anyone who comes to HIM. HE has been continuously doing this to everyone without expecting anything in return..

16. Bangalore – Somaiyajulu

Poor, wealthy, lower caste, upper caste, male, female – Bhagwan does not differentiate any of his disciples.

This fascinated me and drew me closer to Bhagwan.

Bhagwan treats everyone with dignity and respect. He teaches us how to be respectful to one another.

I learned a lot of important things after coming to Sathya Bhagwan.

Bhagwan taught me what is life. HE brought light into our lives.

I am eternally grateful to Bhagwan.

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam

17. Bangalore – P Doddanna

People are always selfish Sir. They would not care about anyone as long as they get their work done. They would not care to think about the need of the Ashram nor about the Ashram’s development.

People often just want to get their wishes and needs fulfilled, that is all.

Maybe, this is why some Swamiji’s deceive their disciples. It seems like reprisal to me, people deserve it.

People often ask and pray for a true Saint or a true God to arrive. Even when an Avatar like Shree Sathya Bhagwan arrives, if people manage to deceive the Avatar himself, it is all because of the planet positions Sir.

Sathya Bhagwan is a rare gem. People are missing out. I know this from the bottom of my heart, but I don’t know how to explain this Sir.

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam

18. Bangalore – Giridhar Raj

Bhagwan Darshan. I was very excited, and I went there with great expectations. I thought there will be big thrones, flowers, garlands, Pooja, and colourful lighting arrangements. The Ashram was next to Lalbagh.

Sathya Bhagwan was sitting on the floor. Devotees were also sitting on the floor, same as Bhagwan.

I was quite taken aback; I could not digest it. I wondered, is it even possible to have someone so humble and simple like Bhagwan in this world.

I told Bhagwan that I will take care of all HIS needs.

Bhagwan smiled softly, and asked, “Tell me what do you want?"

The devotees sitting around Bhagwan laughed without knowing the inner meaning of Bhagwan’s words.

I told Bhagwan that HIS blessings are all that I need, and I took his blessings and came home.

There is an old saying -

God resides in the place of worship.. Baby stays where it is pampered..

They did not know how to fulfil Bhagwan’s needs. Furthermore, they did not know how to accept someone like me who knows what to do.

I went back realising that the devotees are not ideal here… They do not know how to worship Bhagwan, I left the place with a heavy heart Swami.

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam

19. Bangalore – Dr.Vishwanath P V

Bhagwan’s darshan will take place for 3 to 4 hours every day. I used to attend Bhagwan’s darshan daily. I am a Doctor by profession, but I have never told that to Bhagwan and HE never asked me about it either. I was also a member of Iskcon.

I took little longer to understand that Bhagwan is omnificent and immensely special. I realised that I had underestimated Bhagwan.

Bhagwan always measures and gives everything based on everyone’s capacity. It could be HIS blessings, boon, miracle, or anything for that matter. Even Bhagwan’s speech is tailored to HIS audience’s capacity to perceive.

In my opinion, it is quite impossible to see a Saint or Guru who is as flexible as Bhagwan. HE is rare and unique.

I come from Lingayath community. I was interested to learn about Mahalingam. But I was never able to find any books or resources that give clear and precise information on Mahalingam.

One day, I enquired about Mahalingam to Bhagwan.

Bhagwan just took 5 minutes.

HE effortlessly taught me the complete secret of Mahalingam.

It was very scientific as well as spiritual. Bhagwan even compared the science and spirituality behind it and explained it to me. Whatever Bhagwan told me is a Brahma Rahasiyam(Divine Secret) that has never been attempted by anybody else.

Bhagwan brought light into my life’s.

I bow to Bhagwan.

20. Banglaore – Thotte Gowda K

At that time, Bhagwan’s Ashram was near Majestic circle in Bangalore. I am going to the Ashram for the first time, and Bhagwan asked me,

“Isn’t it enough that you have ruined your life? why have you spoiled your kids too?”

I was totally stunned because this was my first time in the Ashram.

I softly responded, “I could not understand Bhagwan?”

Bhagwan replied, “Isn’t one atheist sufficient for a house?”

I could understand everything now. Because of my atheist ideologies, my kids are neither taking advice from me nor from my wife. My eldest son has completely ruined his life, he has all the ill habits. I came to Ashram looking for peace of mind. Bhagwan has precisely spotted the problem.

I continued coming to the Ashram.

Bhagwan used to write, compose, and sing bhajan songs by himself. These songs will melt your heart away, it was so blissful and divine to listen to them. I was pleasantly amazed to know that Bhagwan sings, it used to be very beautiful and sweet to hear.

While singing, Bhagwan will keep HIS fingers up in the air, shut HIS eyes closed, and make all HIS devotees sing along. Many devotees will cry and weep.

I cried every time, not even once I was able to continue without crying.

To my enormous surprise, my son started to accompany me to the Ashram. No, that is not correct, Bhagwan made him come along.

In a couple of months, he recovered and let go of all his bad habits. Bhagwan transformed him into a sweet kid again, he will listen to our advice and acted accordingly without any hesitation. Bhagwan made him get out of all his violent behaviour.

Being an atheist and having not worshipped any God, I worshipped Sathya Bhagwan alone. I threw my atheist ideologies away and transformed my house into a temple. Bhagwan made way for happiness to pour into my family.

One thing that astonished me and melted my heart and soul is that - in all of this I have never been pushed or forced to do anything or act without my wish. Beyond all this, Bhagwan has never uttered a single word to mention that HE has done all of this for us.

Sathya Bhagwan. One crore Namaskar to you. Namaskar to my Guru’s lotus feet.

21. Palladam – Thiruvenkata Swami

I am unable to explain everything I have attained and realised from Ashram and Bhagwan through words. But still, I have very well experienced Bhagwan’s absolute Athma(soul) touching my soul thrice so far, I can tell this without a slightest of doubt.

I was extremely delighted. This was a new experience for me. I have never felt anything like this in my entire life.

Thank you Bhagwan.. Many thanks to you!

22. Kanchipuram – Yelumalai

Bhagwan just completely told everything that was on my mind. I attained complete devotion and surrendered myself to Bhagwan. From that moment onwards, to me Sathya Bhagwan is everything…The incarnation of Mahashakthi…!

23. Kanchipuram – E Gauri

I have heard of the practice of shifting the soul from one body to another. But I saw it for the first time with my own eyes here.

I thoroughly realised Bhagwan enter my body through my soul (athma) and made the necessary changes to uplift my health and recover from my ailments and left my body. It was blissful and mesmerising.

Many…Many…Many Thanks to Bhagwan..

24. Palladam – N S Palaniswami

In the Sathya darshan, when my Sahasrara Chakra was opened, I attained beyond belief happiness and delight… It saddens me that I am unable to explain my experience and joy here. Please forgive me... I am still in the same state… The light in me from within is still visible…

25. Palladam – Senthil Kumar

It is impossible to quantify the happiness.. elation.. bliss.. I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life. I surrender and bow to Sri Sathya Ashram and Shree Sathya Bhagwan

26. Palladam – S P Sivakumar

Very Very Very Very mesmerising and astonishing darshan. Initially, when I came to Ashram, I was a bit indifferent and reluctant. But I never thought I would be carrying these many miracles and wonders with me... Many thanks...

27. Palladam – R Manikam

This is one of the happiest, delightful, and sensational experience. I know words will not be sufficient to explain everything I have gained from here. I apologise for that.

Many thanks to Bhagwan…

28. Palladam – K Govindasami

Tranquil.. Pleasant.. Happiness.. I have read, wrote, and spoke about these feelings. But I truly experienced these for the first time today… This place holds immeasurable treasures that one cannot buy even with crores and crores of money...

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam


29. Palladam – S S Kalaiselvan

I am extremely delighted that I am a destined soul. Only a destined soul will be blessed with such a darshan and will get the opportunity to set foot into such holy places.

So, the very thought of being a destined soul itself gives me so much happiness.

Furthermore, I attain immeasurable pleasure when I share the treasures I have acquired from here with my family and friends…

Everyone should lead a long and happy life as I do...

They should attain all these benefits…

They should achieve Bhagwan’s blessings and wealth...

30. Dharmapuri – V Sivaraman

When my Sahasrara Chakra was opened, I was able to see the darshan of Shree Sathya Bhagwan there. I attained extreme happiness and delight.

When Swarna Abhishekam happened, I was completely elated and pleased with immeasurable happiness…This is invaluable…!

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam

31. Tirupati – N N Nagesh Rao

Strengthening my athma, strengthening my body, and improving my mind – These were all done to me here at the Ashram. It was a very blissful and spectacular experience. Every human should do this and attain all the benefits.

This is a miracle beyond science and technology. This can only be understood through experience and cannot be realized through books.

32. Jolarpettai – K Sadasivam

I realised my Chakras were cleansed, and this helped me strengthen and reinforce my Athma..

If one wants to witness and experience the true intensity of spirituality, he should definitely come and just sit in front of Sathya Bhagwan.. Many thanks…

33. Tirupattur – Velayudham

I am living today and leading this life because of Bhagwan’s generosity. All that I achieved in this Darshan today is a miracle that you cannot witness anywhere else.

When compared to this, miracles and wonders are very trivial. This is priceless. I should have got this opportunity because of all the collective good deeds my forefathers would have done.

Immeasurable thanks to Bhagwan..!

34. Vaniyampadi – R Geetha

I have gained so much more than whatever I expected to attain when I first came here. This is an unexpected experience filled with miracles and wonders…

Truly, this is a divine manifestation…I am out of words when I try to describe its glory...

35. Vaniyampadi – A Jayapal

I was very close to God…There were a thousand lamps lit up inside me…Ten thousand radiances..I had become a tiny spark in this brilliance while sitting with my ShreeSathya Bhagwan…Many thanks to Bhagwan..!

36. Vaniyampadi – A Narayanasami

One darshan filled my heart with the happiness of a thousand lamps.. No No.. It flooded my heart with happiness…. I cannot find a better word to describe my experience.

37. Bangalore – T R Chandra Moorthy

This is the first time I am participating in a Darshan like this.. And my very first darshan has become a turning point in my life.. It will be even more precise when I say that my first darshan completely blew my mind..

Thanks to Bhagwan..! Thanks to Sri Sathya Ashram…!

38. Vaniyampadi – R.Gomathy

Bhagwan made the confusion and anxiety I was experiencing in my heart disappear in a fraction of second, it felt like magic. My heart is filled with harmony and serenity that I enjoyed in my childhood.

I am praying to Sathya Bhagwan to retain this state of mind…

39. Vaniyampadi – S.Ramakrishnan

As soon as Bhagwan touched my head, I felt perplexed and mesmerised. After that moment, all those things that I was unable to decipher, I started to understand them. Everything seems very clear and enlightened. Saying thanks will be very inadequate.

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam

40. Vaniyampadi – S.Kali

I am still not able to come out of that astonishing state. Right now I do not have a better word other than astonishing to describe it.

Sathyam Samarpanam…Mahashakthiku Arpanam…

41. Vaniyampadi – Ravanan

After this darshan, I attained numinous things in my life. If I tell you just one thing as a sample, you can easily understand the rest. I was able to read the things written on the paper folded and held tightly in the palm of the devotee sitting right next to me while my eyes are closed.

This is the only proof that my Sahasraharam has been opened…

42. Nagapattinam – L.Selvam

I am someone who does not believe or accept something easily. But after witnessing the things that happened here and the things that I experienced within me, I came to understand that it was all my mistake. Now, I will affirm 1 crore times that spirituality is not fake, spirituality is the truth.

Many thanks to Sathya Bhagwan for realizing this truth to me.

43. Erode – P.Prakashan

I have heard that God will incarnate in human form. But today I saw God. There is nothing equal or even comparable to this, the good deeds my parents had done, has guided me Here.

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam..

44. Chennai – R.Sivakumar

How should a true and authentic Guru should be, How would such a Guru act and How would HE change and transform the lives of HIS disciples – Sathya Bhagwan is the best example for all the above questions.

I bow to you my Guru..I bow to you..

45. Chennai – G.Mukesh Prince

This is known as Spirituality. This darshan was a true example for spirituality. Genuinely I could witness the radiance of a thousand lights inside me.

Anandham…Sathya Anandham..

46. Chennai – S.Balaji

I lost myself… I found myself… I drowned myself in it..




47. Chennai – K.Sankar

Rather than giving what HE knows, going into one’s heart and identifying what one wants, and fulfilling those needs is a style that is very new to spirituality.

I understood and realised this is the true spirituality…

48. Krishnagiri – N.Rajendran

The Dhana Abhishekam also called as Swarna Abhishekam felt like the Kanakabhishekam that showered while Sankarar sang the Kanakathara Stothram.. This is something one cannot achieve with however much money one might own… One has to be destined for this..!

49. Krishnagiri – M.Murugan

I sensed God. I have heard of something called the Divine Feeling… I felt and realised it today… I am in immeasurable happiness...

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam

50. Krishnagiri – M.Sathish

My wrong views and thoughts on spirituality were shattered into pieces. Spirituality is something that is comparatively more advanced than science.

Today Sri Sathya Bhagwan demonstrated to all of us theoretically as well as practically that Spirituality is ULTRA MODERN SCIENCE. I think I am still not experienced enough to explain this better...

51. Krishnagiri – C.Kamalanathan

I can list the things I have gained and attained from here like this :

1. Anxiety

2. A disease that I was suffering from for a long time.

3. Sorrows

All the above were cured... But there are still so many more things that I couldn’t mention here.

52. Ranipet – T.C.Chandrasekar

During the times when spirituality is exceedingly misinterpreted, and in those situations where spirituality being put to the test, I used to think –

“Wouldn’t God incarnate in any form and prove to these people and make them realise..”

Today, through this program it has been proved and realised. I attained great satisfaction and happiness. This is the True Spirituality…!

53. Arcot – S.Devendran

The one who made me experience the bliss and the one who made me understand what is life…The incarnation of Sri Mahashkathi, Avatar Shree Sathyam, I surrender my life to you..!

54. Pondicherry – S.AnandhaKumar

For teaching me how to live in this life and also how not to live this life.. For doing many wonders for me.. I immensely thank Shree Sathya Bhagwan and Sri Sathya Ashram for all of this..!

55. Pondicherry – A.Komala

I cannot find enough words to explain.. I think mere words will not do the justice.. When I say it was Incredible and phenomenal, these are still lesser words.

Sathyam Samarpanam Mahashakthiku Arpanam

56. Rameswaram – M.Muthukumar

In spirituality, several elite things such as meditation is offered only to the wealthy and privileged people of the society by today’s Gurus... If not, it is sold for a ridiculously high price.. But in Sri Sathya Ashram this status quo is being shattered. I welcome and embrace this change alongside many others.

I will always be grateful for this opportunity...!

57. Gingee – V.Sanmugam

To someone who did not have any belief in spirituality and these sort of things, Sri Mahashakthi appeared as a stronghold of belief. True spiritual work is what happens here. I consider taking part in this darshan as a first step towards helping myself.

58. Viluppuram – K.Duraisami

The best part of spiritual work is the task of teaching and enlightening others… This is the biggest help one can offer to a man... I am very much delighted… Many thanks…!

59. Viluppuram – D.Mallika

If all the Gurus work like Shree Sathya Bhagwan, this whole world will prosper. Each and every person will be able to attain their destiny. We can easily come across all our misery and sorrow. I do not wish to reveal anything more and diminish the value of all that I have gained and achieved from here…


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